jessica-johnstonBeauty comes in all sizes, but the focus of today’s media has shifted from beauty to perfection. Only a thin body is considered to be a beautiful body. Obese people are a subject of a lot of criticism in our society and people start getting concerned about their looks rather than the way they feel. The first solution that comes to mind for weight loss is dieting.

Problems faced during dieting

Long-term dieting causes nutrient deficiencies in the body. Most people completely boycott the intake of fats or calories in the name of dieting, which drops the vitamin and essential mineral level in their bodies and cause weakness. Dieting causes psychological stress, as it is only inhibiting you from the things you love to eat. It also increases anxiety and stress if significant results don’t show. Women who practice long-term dieting get permanent deficiencies which later cause them problems while giving birth.

Introduction of HCG

hcgDieting is a very slow process and requires patience. Some people wish to lose their weight in days rather than months. For these people, a new technology called the HCG weight loss was discovered. The HCG diet specialists suggest injections or hormone dosages to reset your metabolism. The HCG products not only help in rapid weight loss but also have a long-term weight loss effect on the body. While following this plan, the patient has to reduce their food intake for the dosage to work. Only diet experts can formulate this diet plan properly.

How does HCG work?

HCG is a prohormone which is produced in a woman’s body during pregnancy. It spurs the production of other hormones in the body, which consequently affects other bodily functions like metabolism, digestion and liver functions, causing the body to work optimally. The good thing about HCG weight loss is that it doesn’t starve the dieter.

HCG diet food

hcg-appleThere are numerous recipes which follow the HCG weight loss plan. They don’t let you leave anything off the menu. Rather, these recipes let you prepare food in a certain way which won’t collide with your diet plan. Along with fast food, HCG diet plan also encourages to increase the use of fruits and vegetables in the diet. Many of the HCG diet food recipes can be found here:

Side effects

This synthesized nourishment sometimes may adversely affect your body. It is a risky and expensive procedure which is not affordable for everyone. The side effects of HCG intake depend on the form of diet that you’re using. For instance, the negative impact caused by injection would be different than oral HCG medications. The most highlighted complaints made by users are fatigue, restlessness, edema, and gynecomastia. The oral HCG diet capsules cause a headache and leg cramps in the beginning.

Many scammers in the market sell corrupted items in the name of HCG diet, and you should avoid them altogether.